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Refill Pre-Paid Parking Cards

Pre-Paid Parking Cards may be purchased in the following denominations: $30.00, $60.00, $90.00, $120.00, or $250.00.

Pre-Paid Parking Cards may be used to pay hourly parking fees at all City of Santa Barbara, Downtown Parking lots. 

Hourly Parking Rates: 

  • First 75 Minutes FREE!
  • Each hour or part of an hour after the initial 75 minutes:  $3.00
  • Each car is allowed one 75-minute free period per 24 hours
  • No Daily Maximum

Pre-Paid cards can be refilled online up to the original denomination.  Online Pre-Paid Card refills will be processed within one business day.  A confirmation email will be provided when refill is complete.  The card cannot be refilled at the parking kiosks.  Please note that Downtown Parking closes for city Flex-Fridays and holidays.  Refills and purchases submitted on days when the office is closed will be processed the following business day. 

New Pre-Paid cards purchased online will be available for pick-up within one business day of online submission and payment.  New cards must be picked-up within 7 business days of confirmation or transaction will be cancelled. 

Printed or digital receipt must be provided at pick-up.  The Downtown Parking office is located at 1221 Anacapa Street / Santa Barbara, CA 93101.  Counter hours are 8:30am-4:00pm Monday-Friday, closed alternate Fridays.  


Select Pay and Submit to enter pre-paid card refill information.  



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Pre-Paid Card Refills

Pre-paid cards can only be refilled up to the original denomination including any balance that remains on the card.  For example, a $120.00 card with a balance of $10.00 can have any amount up to $110.00 reloaded to the card. 

Please provide the maximum amount you would like to have reloaded to each pre-paid card.  An authorized hold will be placed on your credit card for that amount.  The available reload balance will be confirmed upon submission and the final charge will be reduced if the reload value is lower than the charge authorized. 

Example:  Request submitted to refill $120.00 card up to the full $120.00.  An authorized hold will be placed on your credit card for $120.00.  In processing the request, the card is found to have a remaining balance of $10.00, reducing the final charge to $110.00.  The authorized hold will reduce to $110.00 when converted to the final credit card charge.      


To refill cards, please enter your pre-paid card number below, followed by your desired refill maximum.  Your pre-paid card number is a five digit number found on the bottom of the card.  Please see the number in the yellow box on the pre-paid card example above for guidance in finding your pre-paid card number.  Please ensure numbers are entered accurately as refills will be applied to the card number as entered and cannot be reversed once applied.  

Purchase Additional New Pre-Paid Cards


New Pre-Paid Card Subtotal:

Pre-Paid Card Refill Pre-Authorization Subtotal:

Total to be Charged:


You will be provided with a Receipt upon submission.