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City of Santa Barbara, Downtown Parking


1221 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101



Please Note: We no longer take credit card pre-authorizations online. Staff will contact you after your application has been approved to take credit card payment. Alternatively, you may mail a check to 1221 Anacapa Street / Santa Barbara, CA 93101.

Residential and Visitor Parking Permits are ONLY issued to persons whose primary place of residence is located within the designated Permit Parking Area.

Permits will NOT be issued to:
  • Property owners or landlords who do not reside full-time at an eligible address.
  • Property managers.
  • Owners or occupants of vacation or short-term rental properties.
  • Vehicles with out-of-state registration.
  • Vehicles used primarily for commercial purposes (taxis, limos, etc.).
  • Vehicles exceeding 7’6” in height and 22 feet in length.
  • Any one person at more than one address.
  • Business entities.
  • Business addresses or addresses used primarily for commercial purposes.

  • Lease / Proof of Home Ownership: A signed residential lease or rental agreement showing each applicant’s name and address OR a Resident Verification Form OR a recent property tax bill, mortgage documents, homeowners insurance bill, or similar proving home ownership.
  • Official Piece of Mail: A current (dated within the past three months - must show date) piece of official mail, such as a utility bill, bank statement, phone bill, cable bill, or similar, or a postal mail re-routing label. The piece of mail must display the applicant's name and the mailing address must match the address on the application. You may black out any other personal or financial information.
  • Valid California Vehicle Registration: in the applicant's name.

IMPORTANT FOR MAC/IPHONE USERS: Please do not upload HEIC files. We are unable to open them and will ask you to resubmit in either PDF or JPEG formats.

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