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Parks and Recreation Sports Department

100 E. Carrillo St.

(805) 564-5422


Parks and Recreation Field Request Form

City Resident Fee: $52/ hour for Adults 

City Resident Fee: $27/ hour for Youth

Restroom Service: $80 (tournaments & special events)

Field Lights: $30/Hour (additional)

Bases: Not provided. 

Infield Prep: Not provided.

*Request must be received a minimum of 10 business days in advance of reservation date. 

Full Name

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Sport Type

Type of Sporting Event

Adult or Youth Team

Is this a 1-Day Rental or Ongoing/Multi Day Rental?

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Date Picker

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Select Sports Field for your request (see bottom of form for reference pictures)

Dwight Murphy Fields

MacKenzie Park Youth Baseball Fields

Ortega Park Fields

Pershing Park Fields

Special Requests:

Sports Field Lights Needed

Lights On

Lights Off

Please sign and date at the bottom to complete the request form.

Cabrillo Ball Park- 800 E. Cabrillo Blvd. (field lights available)


Dwight Murphy Park- 501 Niños Dr. (field lights available only on softball field)


MacKenzie Baseball Fields- 501 Niños Dr. (no field lights available)


Ortega Park- 604 E. Ortega St. (no field lights available)


Pershing Park- 100 E. Castillo St. (field lights available)


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